Dealer Signup


This is a Non-Exclusive Dealer Agreement and does not grant any Dealer exclusivity of any territory or product.

InnoviHealth reserves the right to update and revise these Dealer terms at any time. InnoviHealth will make every effort to notify Dealers of such changes, but ultimately the Dealer is responsible for checking this webpage and the associated Product information pages for current Dealer terms and pricing.

Dealer Qualifications

To qualify and to remain a dealer of InnoviHealth products, you will need to order at least 20 products per year. If you fail to order at least 20 products within a 1 year time span you will be excluded from future access to the InnoviHealth Dealer program. If you fail to pay in a timely manner, or a payment is returned, InnoviHealth will remove you from the Dealer program.

Product Price:

Prices to Dealer are determined solely by InnoviHealth and may be revised at any time and notice to Dealers will be sent via email. Current product information and pricing is found HERE. InnoviHealth will do its best to notify Dealers at least 30 days in advance before new pricing becomes effective, but ultimately the Dealer is responsible for checking the pricing of product as listed on the above webpage. Pricing is established exclusive of state and local use, sales, and property taxes and duties. Dealer is responsible for all taxes and duties incurred as a result of the purchase of products.

InnoviHealth desires Consumers (End-Users of the product) to experience an up-scale, high quality, premium product image of InnoviHealth's products and thus will provide Dealer with Manufacture Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) and with a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP). Dealer shall have the right to establish the prices at which it will sell products to its customers with in the range of the MSRP and the MAP as listed on the Dealer Product Information page.


All orders must be submitted by email or fax to assure accurate order processing. Upon receipt of any order, InnoviHealth shall promptly advise Dealer of InnoviHealth's acceptance or rejection of the order. All small quantity orders processed before 3:00pm MST, will be shipped within 3 business days. Orders received on Friday will be processed on the next available business day. All orders of 10 or more books need to be submitted to InnoviHealth at least two weeks in advance of the requested delivery date. This is to ensure that we have the stock on-hand to meet your needs.

Shipment Terms & Drop Shipments:

All bulk orders are shipped UPS or FedEx Ground unless specified by written request. All freight/shipping charges are applied to your total invoice.

Payment Terms:

Dealer promises to pay orders in-full and in a timely manner by the methods listed below. InnoviHealth accepts the following forms of payment at the time of the order:

Return Policy:

InnoviHealth allows up to 10% of a bulk order to be returned for account credit. To receive full credit, returns must be approved by InnoviHealth. If seeking to return an annually released product, returns must be received by June 30th of the year the product was released. Later returns may be accepted for partial credit. Please contact InnoviHealth for approval of all returns. No returns will be accepted after July 30th for annually released products, and returns will not be accepted for product from previous years.

Miscellaneous Items

You are not allowed to sell InnoviHealth Products through any 3rd party system such as Amazon, Ebay, or Craigslist.


The Dealer hereby acknowledges that the Dealer has read the foregoing Dealer Agreement and that the same accurately reflects the Dealer's understanding of the agreement between the Dealer and InnoviHealth with respect to the subject matters thereof.