InnoviHealth is looking for contributors to provide written articles that are relevant in the Medical Industry, specifically concerning billing, coding, reimbursement, documentation, and administration and we are willing to pay a fee (based on level of content and experience) for these articles.

Referral Fee: Refer other Contributor’s and earn an additional $50.00, per referral that signs up and submits their first article.

Article Standards

The following are the basic standards for article submissions:

  • Must be at a minimum 350 words of original content.
  • Must be current and relevant to the medical industry and focused on the topic of coding, billing, or reimbursement
  • Editors will review articles and may make revisions.

Linking Policy

  • Any outside links are not prohibited unless previously approved by innoviHealth. Examples of an approved link is to CMS or other payer policy website.

Article Examples

The following are some examples of articles:

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